August 2011

From NU 107 to – A Wish for an iPhone App

I have missed the music that is NU 107, especially since it signed off in November 2010. Rock & Roll world rejoiced when the former DJ’s of NU 107 put up an online music streaming site at to continue that music we have known. Yet, I always find it inconvenient to be able to listen to it only via my laptop.

So here’s a wish for an official iPhone app soon. is a step in the right direction for us rock fans to continue converge in one common music ground. So I hope they come up with mobile apps soon for the iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry.

Tweetbot — The Quality You Pay For

Tweetbot, according to the developers, is an iPhone Twitter client with a lot of personality. And personality, indeed, it is full of. From its first release, the Tweetbot app significantly defines what a quality app is — what is value for money in the mobile app world.

I don’t want to delve into much details on what this app can do or how can it be so different from the other Twitter iPhone clients. Instead, …

Globe Recommendation: SuperSurf

Took this Globe Telecom’s internet surfing profiler to determine which of Globe’s internet plans is best for me according to my data requirements, habits and/or usage. And the result: Globe recommends I subscribe to their SuperSurf plan.

After all I thought Globe has got a lot of options suited for me, and all they could come up was the ultimate SuperSurf plan! …

Samsung Galaxy Tab — Faster, Thinner, Lighter

Here’s the commercial of the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 that was aired in the UK:

Great that the device is HSPA+ capable, but what do you do with that hardware if the network you’re on sucks? Honestly, you’ll be paying for a hardware you can’t even use.

Here are the separate commercials emphasizing how the Galaxy Tab can be thinner and lighter: …

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