The New KFC Queuing System

For dinner today, I went to the nearest branch of KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) to indulge myself in my favorite large Hotshots plus rice. As it always happened in any KFC I was expecting a long queue at the order counter, but to my surprise this time there was none.

It appears they employed a new queuing system so that 3 or 4 counters are only taking orders while another dedicated counter for serving them. And I believe they got it right. No more regretting after taking the shortest queue but next to a person whose orders are for two families or more that sometimes take forever to fill.

And this should be the same queuing system that other fast food chains in the country should put into place.

4 thoughts on “The New KFC Queuing System

  1. i disagree completely,i hate the new system, i now have to wait even longer, i prefer the old system and i refuse to go into kfc now unless they scrap the new system

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