Globe Recommendation: SuperSurf

Took this Globe Telecom’s internet surfing profiler to determine which of Globe’s internet plans is best for me according to my data requirements, habits and/or usage. And the result: Globe recommends I subscribe to their SuperSurf plan.

After all I thought Globe has got a lot of options suited for me, and all they could come up was the ultimate SuperSurf plan!

Why SuperSurf Wouldn’t Work For Me?

  • I have internet access via wifi both at home and in the office;
  • 24/7 access to 3G significantly drains the battery;
  • The ever unreliable Globe 3G connection, even at the heart of Ayala Center, enough said;
  • I may only need access to internet outside of my wifi zone for 30 mins to 1 hour at the max;

With my usage pattern, I’m better off being on a hit-and-run — turn on cellular data and 3G once I only need it.

My Recommendation, Instead

Smart Telecom’s Always On plans is a good start. Globe could offer a more competitive (if not more aggressive) pricing. Globe’s per-Kb pricing, which charges P0.15 per kilobyte of data, may be the worst cellular data pricing in the planet — and is so circa 2005. For 2011, a P0.15 per MB could prove to be reasonable.

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