The Seven Types of iPhone Owners Infographic

To the non-iPhone users, it’s either you’re in or out. To the rest, there are 7 more classifications (though one may belong to two or more types). I guess this applies to iPad and even some BlackBerry (except that there’s no such thing as jailbreak in BlackBerry) owners as well.

Check out the infographic after the jump.

Personally, I know a lot of people who belong to “The Unappreciative” and “The Desk Job” types. They can afford it (that’s why they have one) and yet, they don’t really bother about the capabilities of their “smartphone”. To most of them, being smart is being able to play games.

I would like to assume that I’m in “The Overuser” type. I just don’t have yet the nerve to have my iPhone jailbroken. Maybe someday, when the need arises.

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