Month: February 2011

Tumblr2WP: A WooThemes Tumblr Exporter

I have mentioned earlier two alternatives in migrating your Tumblr blog to WordPress, both of which are not so ideal solution — I’ve concluded. WooThemes recently has come up with their new tool, a free utility to help you with the same migration, the Tumblr2WP.

Tumblr2WP makes it super simple to transfer your Tumblr content to your own, self-hosted WordPress install.

This tool will create a WXR (WordPress eXtended RSS) file from your tumblr site which can be imported into WordPress.

With the introduction of the Custom Post Formats in the new WordPress 3.1, it just makes it more compelling to switch blogging from Tumblr to WordPress instead. Continue reading

Sisig Was It?

Was craving for Sisig yesterday, so I ordered one from Sisig Hooray at Cash & Carry here in Makati:

Now, for P55.00 I don’t actually know what I just paid for the most: the pork, chicharon or onion. It ain’t even rice (’twas like half of a regular serving). Continue reading

When I Got Into the World of EOS

This is the old commercial of the Canon EOS 350D that actually inspired me to take up photography as a hobby:


I once was hooked into photography that I bought every accessory I could barely afford. Now, it’s so sad to see them just lying around, gathering dusts. Continue reading

A Reaction to the Movie “I Am Number Four”

John is an extraordinary teen, masking his true identity and passing as a typical high school student to elude a deadly enemy seeking to destroy him. Three like him have already been killed … he is Number Four.

Since the rest of the nine are scattered around the world, he has to find them to join their powers and defeat the enemy. When he found Number Six (or at least she found him), together they begin their journey to find the rest — and that’s where the movie ended. Continue reading

The Seven Types of iPhone Owners Infographic

To the non-iPhone users, it’s either you’re in or out. To the rest, there are 7 more classifications (though one may belong to two or more types). I guess this applies to iPad and even some BlackBerry (except that there’s no such thing as jailbreak in BlackBerry) owners as well.

Check out the infographic after the jump.

Personally, I know a lot of people who belong to “The Unappreciative” and “The Desk Job” types. They can afford it (that’s why they have one) and yet, they don’t really bother about the capabilities of their “smartphone”. To most of them, being smart is being able to play games.

I would like to assume that I’m in “The Overuser” type. I just don’t have yet the nerve to have my iPhone jailbroken. Maybe someday, when the need arises. Continue reading

So Close and Yet So Far…The Globe PowerSurf Rant

Got the details of the Globe Powersurf promo from Yugatech:

Php15 for 60 minutes (expires in 1 day) – text PowerSurf15 to 8888
Php30 for 180 minutes (expires in 1 day) – text PowerSurf30 to 8888
Php50 for 300 minutes (expires in 3 days) – text PowerSurf50 to 8888

Personally, this is a good deal if you are into Globe Prepaid and that you use the 3G network regularly. Yet, this thing is still not for me: Continue reading