Month: September 2009

Playing Chess Online via FICS (Part 1)

Unlike other sports or games, chess could probably benefit the most with the advancement of the internet. With the internet you can sit in one corner of your room and play chess against other players from around the globe.

I have searched through the web on ways to play chess online. There are correspondence chess (or conventionally called e-mail chess) which I initially was hooked into. But I missed where the real action is with correspondence chess, that which to make the right move under the right amount of pressure—time. Continue reading

The NBA2K10 is Coming October 6, 2009

The latest, the most exciting and the best simulated basketball video game is coming soon. The official release date is slated October 6, 2009, although I’m not sure of the actual date that it will actually hit the video game stores in the country (Philippines).

In case you’re not aware as of yet, last season’s MVP, Kobe Bryant, will grace the cover of this year’s installment of the game. Check out the video trailer below:

I just wish that versions should be available for standard TV just like mine (NTSC format). Continue reading

Create A Custom Font Style Based on Your Own Handwriting

If you are like me who’s proud of your own handwriting, no matter how bad it is, or if you’re a person who wants to experiment with the different font faces for letters and numbers, the you may want to create your own font style based on your unique handwriting.

Here’s a screenshot of my handwriting typed in MS Word using the custom font style I named “deuts-print“.

Deuts Print Font Sample (Click image to enlarge)

Deuts Print Font Sample (Click image to enlarge)

Continue reading