Month: July 2009

Michael Jordan: The Greatness of his Airness

guest-post-iconThis is a guest post from Raymond.

Below is the text of the same exact email I sent to airjudden. In his/her website, he extensively chronicled points as to why Michael Jordan (MJ) can’t be considered the greatest ever. He shares valuable points and insights to justify his claims. In fact, I think he really wants it to be so encompassing in the guise of highlighting other ballers’ accomplishment but it’s really just so that other not-so-vital tidbits may be included to shatter MJ’s greatness.

The thing is, he obviously shies away from one very significant factor as to why people regard MJ as the best ever – how he has consistently managed to raise his game when it matters the most – on the biggest basketball stage – The NBA Playoffs. Like him, I challenge anyone who can name me a baller who has managed to elevate his game more as the playoffs progresses all the way to the Finals.

There was only one man that could stop Michael Jordan, and that was Michael Jordan

There was only one man that could stop Michael Jordan, and that was Michael Jordan


Accordingly, he ranks four men ahead of MJ as greatest ever. So, one by one, I tried to prove otherwise and establish MJ as the greatest PER my criteria. A criteria, that I think, differentiates greatness from mere talent, luck and biological advantages. Continue reading

Symbian Nokia: Enhancing Speed and Performance

The Nokia E51 with the Symbian S60 Operating SystemWe have heard and read a lot about optimizing your computer performance and enhance speed in the process. But what about mobile phones? We, in one way or another, do sometimes are affected with lagging phone software processing.

Just like desktop computers, mobile phones do have operating systems (OS) as well. In the high-end Nokia phones, they’re running on Symbian S60. Then there’s Windows Mobile, Android, Blackberry OS and iPhone OS to name some of the other OS’s.

And just like in desktop computers, there are tricks as well to optimize your mobile phones’ performance. Smartin enumerated some tips on “How to Speed Up Nokia Phones with Symbian Mobile OS“, namely:

  • Install firmware update with care
  • Speed up Nokia phone with software
  • Remove unnecessary applications
  • Kill background running and autostart apps
  • Use default themes

Continue reading

Appearance Reboot: Back to ‘Simple but Elegant’

After almost one year with my previous theme (whose last screenshot shown below), I get bored with the same theme, so I decided to try a new one that’s back to the basic and what a real “theme” should be: simple but elegant.

The Last Screenshot of Deuts.NET

The Last Screenshot of Deuts.NET

By the way, so far in this theme did I ever stick the longest in my whole WordPress life.

IntenseDebate Commenting System

The slow speed, especially at the backend, of my site could be partly attributable to a variety of plugins installed in the background that are directly or indirectly pertaining to and enhancing the commenting system. Now, there’s only one WordPress plugin to rule them all–IntenseDebate. Continue reading

SMC-PBA Group Making a Mockery of Filipino Basketball Fans

guest-post-iconThis is a guest post from Raymond.

The latest news (or rumors, if you may) from reports, “And the rich get richer, Arwind Santos to SMB?“:

The current PBA finals is still up and running but it seems to be shadowed by the latest possible PBA trade: Arwind Santos to the San Miguel Beermen.

The same star-studded SMB team with arguably no “banko” type players (Bono was a UAAP MVP, Eman is a former no. 1 overall draft pick, and Chris Calaguio is a grizzled veteran), now gets Arwind Santos, MVP candidate for the past 2 seasons and arguably among the top 3 local players in the PBA.

The PBA should just be renamed as San Miguel Corp. Invitational Tournament. This “league” is just making a mockery of the fans’ interest and affection (not to mention their pockets).

Notice how teams would end up bunched up all together after the elimination rounds; practically every team has a fighting chance to make it to the next round (equal marketing exposure). And notice that even if the SMC teams have superior line ups, they don’t end up altogether in the semis, a maximum of two SMC teams just qualify for the semis at any given tournament. Of course, they all belong to one “association”; that’s why non-SMC teams are allowed to have their share of semis exposure just the same. What happens is that the SMC teams are just rotating on who will advance on to the latter rounds from tournament to tournament. Continue reading

Announcement: There are No Solutions Manual Here

This blog has lately been bombarded with the request for a copy of the solutions manual of the reviewer book of Atty. Conrado Valix on Financial Accounting. I have confirmed that the commenter, Maria Luz, is offering a copy of the answer keys FOR A FEE.

This site is not a market place, and I don’t think I can allow that to happen. All comments requesting for the manual will now be deleted, and future comments ignored. All comments that are clearly out of topic will find themselves in the trash.

So everybody is requested to refrain from posting comments regarding the solution manual.

The Shallow Story Behind Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

Transformers: Revenge of the FallenI watched the Transformers 2 the other weekend, and my impression about it, it got a very shallow storyline. It got one straightforward story, added with action-packed scenes and some drama.

This was supported by the review over at Yahoo!:

“Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” made over $200 million last week. What it didn’t make, however, was one lick of sense.

The review, entitled: “Burning Questions: The 10 Most Confusing Things in ‘Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen’“, my favorite was no. 9: Continue reading