Month: June 2009

Sherlock Holmes Turned into an Action Star

I used to love reading Sherlock Holmes stories. He was witty, smart, he introduced the science of deduction. But I never imagined him to be an action star.


Some of the comments found in the youtube page criticizing the trailer (thus, the movie), which I agree as well:

Why is Sherlock Holmes bare-knuckle boxing? This looks like a ludicrous, horrific murder of an english literary great.

I agree. They ruined a master-piece and turned it into a farce. They turned aristocratic, intelligent, and modest Holmes, into some Bourne, or James Bond figure. Can’t watch this.

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WordPress 2.8 is Here and Upgraded

Here I am at it again. Hopping directly into the new WordPress release as soon it hit the mainstream. Unmindful of things that could happen to my blog if something’s not right, or bugs that’ll definitely appear, or any of my plugins could break. I even forgot to deactivate the plugins first before proceeding with the upgrade.

The fact remains, I am a loyal WordPress user. And I loved the innovations introduced throughout the years in this favorite web platform of mine. Nevermind the bloated issue, as long as it’s working. (Just like my attitude towards Ubuntu. Yes, it’s bloated. But it works out of the box.)

Anyway, the new release offers some more enhancements. And I can’t wait to be the first to try those out. Check out the release announcement here, or watch this video: Continue reading

My Yahoo! Account was Hacked

Yahoo! Messenger Logo

Lately, some friends were complaining about how they were receiving spam messages from my Yahoo! account via Yahoo! Messenger (YM). It was not something new as I myself received some from other friends in my contact list. It then occured to my mind that maybe my account was hacked.

Then, yesterday I couldn’t login to my YM account anymore from my favorite desktop client, Pidgin. It tells me that logging in from the web with the same account may diagnose the problem. Continue reading