Month: May 2009

The Midlife Drama

Not really. No drama here. It’s just that it’s my 30th birthday today.

But the fact remains: I’m thirties early thirties now.

My Happy Birthday

This photo was taken in The Old Spaghetti House in Waltermart Makati earlier today.

Everybody in the office just actually missed my birthday. That forfeits their chance for a treat. Bwahahaha!

The Most Celebrated Video Scandal of 2009

Perhaps you reached this page hoping to get maybe even a glimpse of the video I’m talking about. Well I’m sorry to disappoint you but you won’t get to watch any video here nor get any link to the videos.

Anyway, in the recent developments, Dr. Hayden Kho expressed his apology and regret over the whole scandal in an interview by GMA Network. I wonder though, did he regret for recording the video beyond the awareness of his partner or for failure to have discovered beforehand about truecrypt?

TrueCrypt is a software application used for real-time on-the-fly encryption. It can create a virtual encrypted disk within a file or a device-hosted encrypted volume on either an individual partition or an entire storage device. It supports Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux (using FUSE) and encrypted volumes can be made portable. The version for Windows Vista or XP can encrypt the boot partition or entire boot drive and has the ability to create and run a hidden encrypted operating system whose existence is deniable.

You may want to read about my earlier post, “Auditor and Technology; Importance of Data Security“.

Okay, don’t get me wrong. I believe that recording a video of your sexual act beyond the awareness and consent of your partner is plain “retarded-ness” at best (I mean there could be worse descriptions). And failure to secure and encrypt those stupid videos is a grave blunder.

The Deuts.NET Coffee Mug

Got a gift from my girlfriend for the 3rd anniversary of Deuts.NET, a mug printed with the front page of this blog. How sweet…. 😀

Dreamhost Shared Hosting Servers: No WordPress Mu

Dreamhost could probably be the most popular web hosting company out there right now, with their aggressive marketing campaigns via coupon codes, their unlimited webspace and bandwidth, up-to-date server and program software and hardware, and a whole lot more features they have in the table. Add to that their cheap price.

I availed of their geocities promo lately, and got two years free domain and hosting for free.

But here’s the big turn-off. Just lately a notice was posted here saying:

WordPress MU is not allowed to be run on our shared hosting servers. If you intend on running this under your account, you are required to be on a Private Server.

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Acapella Video: The Voca People

Here’s an amazing video from youtube, an acapella from the group called “The Voca People”. I’m still wondering how they do the drums and beats sounds.


The Filipinos I’m sure are more talented and I still have to watch out for that video. Bring on the Pinoy style!

Ricky Hatton Interviewed in Bisaya

I never thought this could be possible. But he was fluent at it. LOL.

This was supposed to be a video before the actual fight. I can barely understand the whole conversation (could someone translate this please?). But I admire the timing of the audio and video. I can imagine the effort in putting up this funny youtube video.


Duha ka round gale hah…..LOL…

Manny Pacquiao Knocks Out Ricky Hatton in Round 2

It was a very short fight that on twitter:

@Pimplepopper: Lesson learned: if u buy tickets to a pacquiao fight, watch the undercard fights to make the most of the admission price.

Lesson learned indeed. For those wanting to watch the two short videos of the fight but are behind office firewalls or proxy server that makes youtube and other video sharing sites inaccessible, good thing you can access this site. Just come visit again for more!

Round 1

Round 2

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