Month: October 2008

Forbes: Forty Richest Filipinos 2008

Update: Check out the “The 40 Richest Filipinos of 2010“.
Update: Check out the “The 40 Richest Filipinos of 2009“.

No, it’s not the NBA Fantasy League, that teams/people are sliding back and forth.

I once posted about the earlier list of the Philippines’ Top 40 Richest people. Forbes released once again an updated list for 2008:

Rank Name Net Worth ($mil) Age
1 Henry Sy & family 3,100 83
2 Lucio Tan & family 1,500 74
3 Jaime Zobel de Ayala & family 1,200 74
4 Andrew Tan 700 57
5 Tony Tan Caktiong & family 690 58
6 John Gokongwei Jr. & family 680 81
7 Eduardo Cojuangco Jr. 610 73
8 Enrique Razon Jr. 525 48
9 George Ty & family 435 75
10 Inigo & Mercedes Zobel 430 NA
11 Manuel Villar 425 58
12 Emilio Yap & family 420 82
13 Vivian Que Azcona & family 360 NA
14 Beatrice Campos & family 325 NA
15 Luis Virata 270 54
16 Oscar Lopez & family 240 78
17 Andrew Gotianun 235 80
18 Alfonso Yuchengco & family 200 85
19 Mariano Tan & family 195 NA
20 Manuel Zamora 130 69


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Anand is Still King – World Chess Championship 2008

In Germany, with Viswanathan Anand leading the match already at 6-to-3 after Game 9, the match was expected to be decided in his favor with three more games to play and needing only a draw in the next game. But Vladimir Kramnik still managed to draw blood at Game 10. Yet in Game 11, Kramnik settled for a draw, letting go of his reach for the crown.

Anand the King

Anand the King

And Anand the King was crowned the world champion.

It was a game of almost unbearable tension. Anand switched to 1.e4, Vladimir Kramnik went for do-or-die complications, Anand obliged, and for a couple of hours nobody knew what would happen. In the end, Vishy Anand prevailed, got a slightly better position and Vladimir Kramnik offered a draw. Anand remains World Champion.

WCC R11: Fighting draw, Anand wins World Championship by 6.5:4.5.

Download all the games of the match.

Internet Explorer is Bull; Switch Browsers Now

Now I’m joining to bandwagon of the haters of Internet Explorer. I’m starting to share the sentiments of those real web designers in their disgust over Microsoft’s web browser called the “Internet Explorer”.

Browse Happy logo

Various problems with internet explorer (IE) occured before, but it reached it peak as I was designing my tumblog here at Deuts.NET. Not to mention the javascript that won’t show up in IE6.

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The University of the Philippines System

Continuing with the celebration of the University of the Philippines’ 100-year anniversary, an article about the UP System appeared in the Manila Bulletin (MB).

The article actually “used” to be available online, and I should have linked to that instead. But for some unknown reasons, MB doesn’t keep its articles online for quite a long period of time. I’m reposting the article here in its entirety. For any problem/issues with this act, please do leave a comment below and I’ll gladly drop this article. After all, I just deem it worth sharing:

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Bullet Points: Site Layout, Music 21, Revocation of Independence

Site Layout Adjustments

Due to insistent public demand, I changed the layout of the current Deuts.NET theme to be more “user-friendly” (as one of my critics pointed out). It has always been my wish to push forward my content instead of just some ads. Anyway, so much for those distracting advertisements, you will see less and less ads in the coming days as we push the design and the site itself into its full potential. I hope to hear from everyone how the new layout helped the design and the whole usability of the site.

Music 21 Videoke Contest

Saw this ad posted in the rest room of Music 21 when I last visited the place. Anyway, just let the poster speak for itself.

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Lou Franz Beach Resort, Tigbauan, Iloilo

If you’re looking for a beach resort along the coast line in the southern part of Iloilo, Lou Franz Beach Resort is definitely worth a try. It’s situated in Brgy. Barroc, Tigbauan, Iloilo, so it’s very much accessible if you’re looking for a resort somewhere in the vicinity of the towns of Oton, Tigbauan, Guimbal, or Miag-ao, for family or barkada gatherings and/or events.

Amenities in the resort include pingpong table, videoke, etc.

I’m not particular with the rates yet, but for anyone interested, do drop a line in the comments below and together we’ll know the details.

More pictures will be posted over at the Deuts.NET Gallery soon.

Contact Lou Franz Beach Resort

Contact numbers: Tel. # (033) 511-7703
Cell #s: +63-908-245-3820 (smart); +63-927-447-9885 (globe)

Anand Draws First Blood in Game 3

Viswanathan Anand, the defending champion, draws the first blood with black on the 3rd game of the World Chess Championship yesterday against the challenger, Vladimir Kramnik. This was after the first two games were agreed two by the two players.

It seems that in this match, players don’t recognize the dangers of the failure to castle. They just seem like to complicate things, to the delightment of the fans!

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