Victorious So in the Battle of GM's

Even before the final round started, the current world’s youngest GM was already the sure winner. As promised, here’s the final standings and the gallery of pictures I took during the 11th and final round of the tournament.

1. So – 8.5
2-3. Torre, Bitoon – 7.5
4. Gomez – 7
5. Antonio – 6.5
6. Sadorra – 5
7-9. Nolte, Barbosa, Donguines – 4.5
10-11. Villamayor, Nouri – 3.5
12. Gonzales – 2.5

Sidenote: I’m testing out here the gallery feature in the new WordPress 2.5. I hope we won’t experience any bug in this implementation. Nonetheless, you can always visit the set in my flickr or in the Deuts.NET official gallery.

You may click on the photo to view the larger image.

5 thoughts on “Victorious So in the Battle of GM's

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