May 2008

The Tax Exemption Bill

According to this news, the approval of the tax exemption bill that’s been pending in the Senate was rushed. I say this has long been overdue.

MANILA, Philippines — With three weeks left before Congress goes into recess, the Senate is rushing the approval of a long-awaited measure that seeks to exempt minimum wage earners from paying the income tax.

But with the inflation since 1997, the brackets in the progressive tax table definitely needs as much adjustment as the personal exemption. Otherwise, it would just be like saving the lowly taxpayers a meal a day when they eat three times a day.

WordPress Plugins in Use

A lot of friends I have converted into blogging lately and use WordPress. From uploading themes via ftp, changing themes and installing plugins, there are still a lot of things to be learned. Customizing themes to suit your personal preferences is a real challenge.

I prepared this post to showcase the WordPress plugins that I use in this site. I don’t say that they are the best or the top plugins out there, but at least they served helpful to me.

Check them out and see for yourself which may prove helpful to you as well: Otherwise, just browse the plugins directory for more.

UPDATE: For security reasons, I’m disabling the WordPress Plugins in Use plugin, and leave this page/post to be a static page. Hence, you might find versions here outdated.

The Fedora Experience

FedoraI’m currently in fedora. And I’m starting to like it.

My taste of Linux started with the Ubuntu experience. Then when my wireless card failed to work with the latest version Hardy, I tried PCLinuxOS and then OpenSuse. Some more disappointments with Suse and I found myself downloading the latest release of Fedora (Fedora 9, Sulphur).

My wireless card didn’t initially work with the live media booting from the cd, but worked like a breeze when it was installed into the harddrive. And now I’m liking the interface (with GNOME). Two concerns:

  • Installing Adobe Flash Plugin for Firefox – which you really can’t install from within Firefox. You’ll need to install it manually. No problem, though, with some tutorials in the web like this link, which also includes other items one may want to install.
  • Desktop Effects – It looks like my hardware (NVIDIA) does not work with the new xorg. No problem, though. I just can’t have that eyecandy effect yet, which I don’t really care. It’s just aesthetic.

So, for all ye Linux fans out there, the new Fedora is surely a great fresh release distro to try out.

Filipino Auditors in Inquirer News

Published today (May 16, 2008) in the Philippine Daily Inquirer an article by Ms. Edel Mary D. Vegamora, CIA, the CIA Country Coordinator-Philippines, the revised version of her earlier article (posted here), this one entitled, “Filipino Auditors on Top of the World”.

Excerpt follows:

There is more reason to rejoice as we have 217 more CIAs in the Philippines, the highest passing figure so far since the CIA examination was conducted in the Philippines. There was a deluge of examinees in November 2007, 496 to be exact, when The Institute of Internal Auditors Inc., International announced in January 8, 2007 that they would shift from paper to computer-based examinations beginning 2008.

The Heron Refused to Fly

Honestly, I’m disappointed with the latest release of Ubuntu, the Ubuntu 8.04 LTS otherwise known as Hardy Heron.

I became quite excited when the final version was about to be released. As soon as it was available, I didn’t waste time and downloaded it at once. Installed the same over the previous version (v7.10, Gutsy Gibbon) in the extended partition.

However, much to my disappointment, my wireless network card didn’t work!

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