ZPDee Sucks Bigtime

Here I am agonizing over another crappy internet service from Smart 3G because Skycable‘s ZPDee sucks bigtime! At least with the former I have connection.

According to ZPDee’s contact page, you can contact them 24/7 using their hotline 631-0000. But try calling them at night, and you’ll get into an answering machine telling you to wait for the next available agent. I would rather have preferred to have been told to leave at once. For me, this is just bloody misrepresentation!

They also have an SMS contact number at 0917-631-0000 (i.e., if you’re using Globe), but don’t bother texting them, you’ll just put your credits into waste.

[adsense]For me, I’ll understand if an ISP encounters problems in some service areas, but at least respond to queries by customers as to why there’s a service interruption.

And with this kind of service, if you happen to be looking out for an internet solution, forget about ZPDee. I should really have known better in the first place.

Note: This is not a rant, I’m just trying to fullfill my promise to ZPDee over at their SMS contact number that I’ll blog about their crappy service should I don’t get my internet connection back in an hour. This is my second day of no internet.

4 thoughts on “ZPDee Sucks Bigtime

  1. thanks for this post. i am actually considering zpdee for my internet connection. if not for this post i would have applied a subscription with them. thanks big time! hehe!

  2. I am subscribe to ZPdee 384kbps bundle w/ cable and can say for around 10 days observaion, They did SUCK big and small time.
    Here in Negros Oriental, particularly in dumaguete we pay 1124 Pesos for the bundle I said,,,and we experience downtime in both morning and afternoon daily,,they are sumbagssssssssss

    • Ever since they renamed the service and upgraded the speed, so far I have no complaint. In fairness to Skycable/Skybroadband/Zpdee, the overall experience so far is reliable. It was only such instance above that got to my nerves.

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