4 thoughts on “Sigabong XX and Pabarock Posters

  1. Hi, i was wondering how i could enter the hamili-hamilia website. I already forgot the names of the chartered members. By the way, i am batch 15A. Thanks!

  2. hi there..i was a UPV Iloilo student/dropout and also a Hamili..the problem i have is that i seem to have forgotten my batch no. since i think i’m the only on that batch..i’m sure it’s around 22-29b (year 1988-1990)..if you know any other way in which i can confirm this pls let me know..i wanted to get in touch with my su-ons of that time, since i’ve also forgotten most of their names..:(

    and i hope one day you would put up another website for Hamili/Hamilia..good luck and godspeed su-on..

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