Month: February 2008

41 Tax Haven Countries

The four criteria for a country to be considered as tax haven are: insignificant or non-existent tax levels, absence of transparency in tax matters, absence of fiscal data exchange with other countries and attractiveness for straw companies with fictitious activities. The only criteria that’s clear to me is the last one, and I highlight: “attractiveness for straw companies with fictitious activities“. :LOL: Check out the list of 41 countries considered by OECD as tax haven countries in

Organizing Your Tasks

Are you a task freak? Well, I guess I’m becoming one.

With so many projects at hand, may it be personal or work, or anything else, I needed a way to organize my actions and plan my tasks. I have been in the lookout for a good tasks organizer, an organizer that I can access from home and office computers, and even through my cellphone. It has to be digital, as I seemed don’t like the idea of bringing around an organizer with me wherever I go.

The todo list in my home and office computers as well as my cellphone must be synchronized, so the organizer from Microsoft Outlook is not applicable. In as much as I would like to utilize the organizer from my phone (calendar and to-do lists), it may not be able to hold up to my requirements, for a way to separate personal and work related tasks. Also, I would not bother organizing my tasks through the phone’s keypads, it’s just so inconvenient.

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Blogging at Your Own Domain Name

A discussion over at The Blog Herald, some people adversely decide whether they should spend (waste?) time reading blogs that have url’s ending in “” or “”. To some, these url addresses bring negative connotations as to the contents of the blog, although this may not always be the case.

Everyone, indeed, can just simply create a new blog over those sites (blogger and anytime for free. How sure can you be that the blog created from these sites you have bumped into is current, meaning maintained regularly and that the blogger was serious about it (which takes me back into wondering what’s the idea behind http:/ Who would like to browse a blog who’s only content is “Hello World!” anyway? Continue reading

Ex-Deloitte Philippines Information Hub

The Ex-Deloitte Philippines Information Hub is officially launched. No cutting of ribbons, really. Just putting up the website online.

The site was designed to cater to the former C.L. Manabat & Co. (Deloitte – Philippines) professionals, wherever side of the world they currently are, as a common online hang out. A community where former officemates may meet and greet each other, discuss in forums and topics of common interests, and reminisce the moments we shared during our long or even short stints in the firm.

So, calling all ex-CLMC employees to register and sign-up now for a new account. I look forward to meeting you there.