Month: January 2008

Caring for your Lens

Beyond Megapixels discusses how to clean your lens. What’s important to note is his additional tips on caring for your lenses, especially the last one: If you have a big collection of lenses, try using each one at least once every two weeks since believe it or not, it can grow fungus from non-use even if it’s stored in a dry box. Fungus is one of the few things that can literally kill your lens.

The Celtics Up for the Challenge?

At the rate at which the current Boston Celtics is going (29-3, or 90.6% winning percentage), it is very much likely that it will beat Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls record of 72-10 (72 wins and 10 losses, 87.8% winning percentage) in 95-96 season.

Boston Celtics

Let’s start out a discussion. Have the Celtics been that good with their three superstars in the person of Ray Allen, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett?

How would you compare the Allen-Pierce-Garnett trio vs. Jordan-Pippen-Rodman(?)? Can the Boston Celtics live up to the fans’ expectations? If ever the Celtics could pull down the Bulls’ record, can they be able to successfully snatch the crown from powerhouse Spurs?

Let’s also compare individual stats: