2007: A Year in Review (Part 3 of 4)

Please read Part 1 for the introduction, and also Part 2.

The trip to Sealine Beach Resort in one hot summer day in Qatar:

Across the desert

Camels and a horse:

Camels and horse

Camelback riding:

Camelback Riding

In a quest for speed:

Need for Speed

The DPP Doha Grand EB:

DPP Doha Grand EB Group Hug

Yes, it might be the grandest with the group hug above. Just the two of us! hehe

The lone tower in Corniche:

The Lone Tower

The towering mosque:


Another grand EB with the Doha Zoo animals:

Group Hug at the zoo







Rey’s birthday party at Magsie’s place:




Rey and his worth a million pesos denominated in Qatar Riyals:

Rey’s Worth a Million Pesos

And of course my last taste of Starbucks in Qatar:

Javachip in Doha


Next and last stop, the pictures taken in the Philippines. Watch out for that.

Update: Check out Part 4.

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