Month: November 2007

For the Love of Freedom

Makati Siege

The Makati unrest.

What really irked me about this was how media handled the situation. Ever since 2pm, Gen Barias (NCRPO Chief) was requesting them to leave the Manila Penn premises. Yeah, I know they’re just doing their job. But did it ever cross their minds that they’re instrumental in these unfortunate flow of events?

You see, this whole damned drama could have ended a totally different way had those media people left the Penn already before the 3pm deadline. And that difference could have translated to no destruction of the hotel entrance/lobby by a government tank. I think the media should also be held accountable for this mess. These people (Trillanes & Co.) may not have gotten this far without the media intervention. Or better yet, what better thing we could have wished for to happen to these losers!

The media people may play an important part in history. But in this case, they are making history happen. And as such, they should be held accountable for what happened.

Photo courtesy of Robin Kuijs.

Blogging in Ubuntu

My Ubuntu Desktop
Screenshot of my desktop in Ubuntu. Click on image to enlarge.

I have always been considering switching to Linux, specifically Ubuntu. See my last post about it. You ask why, it’s the freedom from the various Windows restrictions and the furtherance of a free society. I actually found this link through Fr. Stephen Cuyos’ entry.

The Experience

I was yet trying out with the Live CD, and have not yet installed in my system. As such, I could not yet tell whether what they say that it’s faster to boot as compared to Windows is true. Continue reading

The Flickr Way

I have always regarded flickr as a social photo sharing site. As a matter of fact it is, indeed. It’s a place where you can comment on other people’s photos while they can comment as well in yours. It’s one major factor why I upgraded to a “pro” account (well, actually someone purchased it for me.LOL)

But, what if another flickr user blocked you from his photostream?

The heck with that! I’ll just unsubscribe to his photostream. You find me annoying? I’m not going to visit that stream again! You’re just recycling your photos, anyway. You’ll see the same photo uploaded long ago coming back to the front page.

You think you’re a better photographer than me? Probably, yes. In fact, yes! You’re a professional making a living out of it, while I’m just a lowly amateur hobbyist. But from this moment on, you’ll no longer be my idol. ๐Ÿ™

Do you think this is a rant? No way. I’m laughing out of it. The thing is, I don’t really care! ๐Ÿ™‚

Where in the World

I would like to start a meme of my own. I want to call it “Where in the World is this Place?” I’ll be featuring photos from photography. Those of you who know the place or would like to make a guess may leave a comment below.

Here goes: I took this picture in a prohibited place to take pictures, which I guess only applies to DSLR but not to P&S and camera phones.

Where in the World I
Click image to enlarge

Chess News

I remember posting it here regarding Chessbase as a Source of Chess News, but that it offers no rss/atom feed for its regular visitors.

I visited Chessbase today, and I noticed that feed icon at the far right side of the browser url bar of firefox. Yes, great news for chess fans. Now we can keep abreast of the latest chess news without visiting the site everyday.

Latest Chessbase

Toss Coin

Philippine One PesoNow this is something to ponder upon. Did you know that in a Barangay Election, when there is a tie, the tie may be broken and the fate of the candidates be decided by a toss of a coin?

It’s in the law, according to Mr. James Jimenez, the spokesman for the Commission on Elections, in his wordpress blog. Continue reading