India's Great Chess Hope

Chess Set

Viswanathan Anand, the Indian current world champion in chess, wonders why Indians do not usually excel in sports. I think I know why.


Despite their population, which I think is already next to China, India may not have really excelled in Sports. Well, that’s based on the notion that the bigger the population, the more talents (in terms of numbers). That has been the case even in Philippines setting wherein the NCR always excel because of the abudance of talents in a large population.

Even in the 15th Asian Games in Doha in December last year, India placed 7th, next to China, Korea, Japan, Kazakhstan, Thailand and Iran. Well, Philippines is a different issue, out of the context of this article.

One thought on “India's Great Chess Hope

  1. I think these Indians are very good in Chess. In our Inter-MBA tournament, of all my opponents this Indian is the best of all of them. In Board 3 , I scored 3.5/4 and he scored 3/4. Our game was one of the most interesting played. I’m glad I won.

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