Pacquiao Does It Again


Yeah, maybe people are already getting tired of Pacquiao reaping victories after victories (for the country), and yet forbade the wish of Jorge Bocobo that Pacquiao get his teeth knocked out.

I may be late to manifest my opinion, but I find it rather not lame at all to agree to his (Bocobo’s) views. How sad….

4 thoughts on “Pacquiao Does It Again

  1. I actually enjoyed the fight. Pacquiao is a fine boxer, so congratulations to him for his skill and talent. If only he were also a great human being and a fitting example to those who will follow…

  2. We haven’t actually seen the fight yet. We’re still waiting for someone to upload them in youtube. 🙂

    Well, hopefully Pacquiao will learn his dear lesson when he gets knocked out from his congressional bid…

  3. Ako panood ko na sa youtube. Ok lng nman performance nya though it seems that it’s not 100% of Pacman, medyo nilalaro-laro ata niya e…

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