Grand Master Chess Set

One of the items in my wishlist: price exclusive of shipping costs US$219.95

grand master chess set

Excalibur Electronics brings you an electronic chess masterpiece: the Grand Master! “Grand Master” is the highest title awarded to human players. Excalibur’s Grand Master earns its name by capturing the essence of top-level chess competition, not only in its powerful play, but in its look and feel. Its tournament-size vinyl playing surface shows off a meticulously crafted set of official pieces, weighted so they won’t tip over during a game. And Grand Master features some of the most technologically advanced chess features in the world. The result’s a highly sophisticated but easy-to-use competition chess computer that combines classic design with 21st century technology.

  • World’s first auto sensory board with actual vinyl surface used in tournament play.
  • Super strong chess program capable of beating over 99% of all chess players. Estimated rating of approximately 2100 master-strength.
  • 2 Large LCD Displays with Dual Chess Clocks and Countdown Timer shows your every move, hints, warnings, and scores 100 levels of play, plus 5 teach modes, 32 book opening trainers, and 32 great games.
  • 1 or 2-person mode with scoring, hints and analysis.
  • Saves game in memory for future use.
  • Powered by 4 “AA” batteries or optional A/C adapter.

Vladimir Kramnik

kramnikThe 13-year schism over the world chess crown has finally ended after 16 games of full-packed chess action in Elista, Kalmykia, during the World Chess Championship Match 2006 intended to unite the titles of classical champion Vladimir Kramnik (Russia) and FIDE champion Veselin Topalov (Bulgaria).

Report follows:

Friday, October 13, 2006 (Elista, Russia):

Russia’s Vladimir Kramnik won a match against Bulgaria’s Veselin Topalov in a tiebreaker on Friday, becoming the first universally recognised world chess champion since 1993.

Kramnik won the tension-filled match by a score of 8.5-7.5 in a final day of quick, time-limited games.

Each of the 41-year-old players was to receive 500,000 dollar for taking part in the match, which was arranged to heal a 13-year-old schism in the chess world dating back to World Champion Garry Kasparov’s withdrawal from the World Chess Federation.

Kramnik secured his victory in the fourth game today, which Kramnik won with White. Today’s score was 2.5-1.5. (AP)

Well, the match being a “REUNIFICATION” match, was I think too short yet historic. It was a big event in the history of chess. You can even see and feel the struggle between the two players. The tie-break of 4 games even yielded only one draw. The rest were won one by Topalov, and two by Kramnik.

My observation in this match is brief: that it showed Kramnik can win a match against Topalov, even with 1 point odds. (duh!)

For me, it was a good thing that Kramnik won. It would be much easier for chess fans to accept the fact. Otherwise, the game 5 contoversy would be another gruelling deliberation that could unfortunately even lead to continued split in the world chess organization. At least, now we have a one and only legitimate world champion, and that is, in the person of Vladimir Kramnik!


Download games in PGN, Chessbase, Official Website, FIDE

Aswang Festival

ROXAS City – There’s no stopping the controversial Aswang Festival. The organizer — the Dugo Capiznon Inc. (DCI) says will not succumb to public pressure and will stage the third edition of the event on October 27 and 28 as a pre-Halloween activity.

Last year, the festival faced stiff opposition mainly from the religious sector of Capiz but DCI managed to stage it.

In Philippine folklore, “aswang” (witch) is a visceral, sucking creature that flies at night in search of human internal organs, fetuses and infants. And for much of its existence as a province, Capiz has been unluckily associated with the “aswang”.

DCI ” a group of young and creative Capiceños — wants to make something positive out of this “negative” impression on Capiz. Its Aswang Festival capitalizes on the stigma to “sell” Capiz as in fact a “bewitching” or attractive place for tourists and investors.


I don’t think the end justifies the means in this case. Surely, the rest will be left to everyone’s (a foreigner to Capiz) imagination.


A Standoff After Eleven

After 10 games of pure battle plus a controversial game 5 forfeit in favor of Topalov (a total of 11 games), the match stands even at 5.5 points apiece. The 12th and final game is scheduled on Thursday (Kalmykia time).

What impressed me about this match is either players are resolved to win. Excluding the controversial game 5, which was never played anyway, there were 5 draws of the total 10 games, (only 50% draw instance). No one seems to settle for a draw.

It has got to be the spirit of a reunification fight. After 13 years of schism over the World Chess Crown, the two players are really giving us fans a great, big show! How I only wish that contestation over the game 5 forfeit didn’t happen. I hope FIDE and Kirsan Ilyumshinov will be able to resolve the matter so that the world can indeed recognize only one true master, one champion.

Go Topalov!

Summary of the match follows:
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The Math Grid

It has been say almost 20 years since I first learned arithmetic. Yet, I could still feel the agony of solving those 100 items each for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Almost the same items or questions were given from grade 2 to grade 4, yet I only mastered arithmetic on the 4th grade. Of course, the most complex of the four process is multiplication, especially when it involves 2-digit factors (multiplier or multiplicand, see i can still remember those terms…:LOL:), much more with higher-digit factors.

Well, the diagram below offers an alternative way of solving multiplication probles involving 2 or more digit factors. Easy? Yeah, I think it’s interesting.

the math grid

PS: Did you know what helped me become quick at addition when I was yet learning arithmetic? It’s a secret, ok? I used to play “Lucky 9” when I was small…:LOL:

The Accountant

The following movie is a spoof of an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie trailer. It is using youtube, so for those who have youtube blocked in their office internet, I’m sorry, I really can’t help you with that. I guess you might have to wait when you can browse through an open access internet. Yet, I really recommend that you watch this because it is very hilarious!

Thanks to Tina Smith for referring this video to me.