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Last Friday, I received an email inviting all Deloitte professionals to join a photo contest:

Deloitte is looking for photos that capture the essence of the brand taking the journey on various modes of transportation. This is in connection with the Annual Review that will focus on Becoming the Standard of Excellence and the journey that we are taking together. This will tell the story about the journey through client stories, internal stories, and third-party commentary.

The photos should be journalistic style. Subjects should not look into the camera. It is not necessary to show the face of the subject.  Photos of just the journey without people may be acceptable. Think, the open road’s desert with footprints.

The prize…a video iPod and a trip to New York.

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The Latest from

Lately, you might have already seen a lot of difference in the interface. Hopefully, this will end my quest for the best theme that will suit this site’s programme. I can now rest from more tweaking with the dirty html/php codes to customize the feel of this website, and focus more on the content instead.

First off, a question to everyone. Did you notice something familiar with the looks of this website? Guess, guess guess….

Did you miss something in here? It must be some kind of a picture…or maybe a logo… Ever notice the font? “Verdana”, that is. What about the color? From the blue with a hexa code of #030367, and the green (also try hovering over any link) of #99cc33… now, are you missing something?

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All Good Things Come to an End


Been stacking this away for almost two years now. Then it came about at long last. All good things come to an end, indeed.

I’ve been here for exactly four years and eight months now. I’ve met a lot of people from within the office and beyond. And that’s what makes it magical in a sense.

Plus, I’m doing this for the first time. A history in the making. A major event of my life, it should be. A major step. A whole step towards a new life, towards an interesting future. Magical, indeed.

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Please Observe 5S

The first time I encountered the term “5S” was during the first week of my working life.

The instruction was clearly delivered:

Always observe 5S while inside the client office.

“What is 5S”, I asked.

He answered, “Well, just ask your engagement teammate, he knows!”

Far later did I realize he may not even have known the exact meaning of 5S, or what do 5S actually stand for.

Nevertheless, here’s how 5S is defined in wikipedia:
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