Bancnet and Expressnet Link-up

pic26431It was once featured in Deuts Top Stories the link-up between the two ATM networks, namely; Bancnet and Expressnet.

universal_accessThe interconnection between the two networks has been in the news (broken link, thanks to inconsistent Manila Times online) since June 21, 2006, yet I didn’t have the opportunity to try to withdraw in any expressnet affiliated banks (e.g., BPI, BDO, HSBC, Landbank) until yesterday.

Since 1993, there has been an alliance between Bancnet and Megalink, while Megalink made an alliance with Expressnet in 1997. Transactions made between these interconnected netwoks are charged with service fees that vary between PhP2.50 to PhP12.00 (depending on the bank) against the ATM cardholders. Transactions, however, between Bancnet and Expressnet were used to be charged US$3.50 service fee per transaction. Metrobank E.T. cardholders, especially, were explicitly warned about these charges. You’ll find these warnings posted in Metrobank ATM booths.

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New Email Service is offering a new service. Introducing the new email service from, as powered by Gmail (or Google Mail).

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Recently, the Google Team has approved my application under its “Gmail for your Domain” service as a beta tester. As a beta tester, I was given the opportunity to create at most 25 email addresses under (i.e., [username]

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Total Damage

What more inflicting propaganda can someone (or maybe a group) do against one’s professional accountant’s career than this?

I only received this document by email. I have nothing to do with this, and I’m never the author of this. I just want to post this because I know this surely is already a general discussion among the professionals in the Philippine accounting world. I don’t claim that the information contained therein are true or are lies, and I’m never in the position to comment on the issue.


The Beauty that is Tigbauan

Tigbauan, my beloved hometown, is a municipality in the province of Iloilo, Philippines. It is located 23 kilometers southwest of Iloilo City.

It acquired its name, like the majority of town centers, after a topographical distinction unique to the region – in this case after the Tigbao, a local name for a type of grass that used to swarm the countryside.

Tigbauan, a coastal town, was one of the landing sites for American Forces led by General Douglas MacArthur in March 1945 for liberation of the Philippines from the Japanese in World War II.



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Some Interesting Websites

The sites as listed below are legitimate and “wholesome” websites, although the domain names and url’s (Uniform Resource Locator) sound…hmmm….awful….