Improvements Made to

Some minor improvements have been made to this site. To list a few:

  • Inq7 news added to the sidebar – in order to facilitate a user/visitor-friendly site, a news section has been added. This section updates itself as soon as news are posted in does not only bring you information, it also brings you the breaking news and top stories of the day.
  • Google search has been added to the heading – again this surely will prove useful to users and visitors alike.
  • Useful reading materials in the “Pages” section – for those who have time to spare may find these materials interesting and worth reading. It offers feed syndication so that articles are updated on new entries by the authors.
  • My links are added in the Favorite Links of the “Pages” section – these are useful links in the internet that you might want to try reading or tools that you might want to try using.

Update: You can now disregard these improvements as constant changes are made to Deuts.NET themes.

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