About Wesley So

An article in The Manila Times states that he once appeared in a TV commercial for a popular brand as a “gifted child,” (Promil Kid, I suppose). And now, Wesley So has proved his genius by becoming the youngest member of the national men’s team to the 37th Chess Olympiad from May 19 to June 5, 2006 in Turin, Italy.

So is currently a FIDE master at an age of 12 years. The Chess Olympiad is a six-man team representing each country against other countries. In a Kibitzer’s corner in one of So’s games in chessgames.com, the young So conducted a 20-board Simul play in Meralco last March 13, 2006. The 12-year-old wiz kid scored 19.5 in 20 games against 20 opponents whose accumulated age could be over 500 years.

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